Shows that I'm Glad Are Back/Coming Back

True Blood
I don't know why this picture was so hard for me to find so thank you Thanh T. from Gather

At first I was very nonchalant about who took Bill - still am.  But the way the season ended made me forget a little about the characters I do care about.  The season premiere of True Blood reminded me of what I really wanted to see.  Sookie, Sookie, Sookie, watching her run around all crazy is pretty good.  Eric!  Of course.  More Pam is always awesome.  Even better?  Pam and Lafayette.  And we can't forget my favorite character Sam!  Who's also on twitter @samtrammell

When HBO series only have twelve episodes a season, it's hard to believe a show has been on for six seasons and the seventh season starts June 27th so I'm very excited for that show to return, mostly because of Eric but also because of Ari.  He had the best storyline last year because of that whole thing with Gary Cole, watching Ari not have control of a situation is great, because you don't know what you'd do in a situation like that and you really don't know what he'd do.  It's good to see.  Mark Wahlberg wants to do an Entourage movie.  I'll be there.  And I also want to see how Eric plans on keeping Sloane because she is high maintenance and she is not going to put up with his old ways.  It's going to be a good season I can feel it.  I wish they would extend the show to an hour, but oh well.

Burn Notice
Please, please, please get a new opening.  But thanks for Coby Bell all the same.  Even though he's  a big of a jerk on the show.  Watching Michael work out problems is always a good time.

Big Brother
I like watching people crack under pressure.  They always say that's not how they really are in real life but in real life you get to take your time, to really think and access a situation, in the Big Brother house things are unpredictable and sometimes you get to think strategically and other times you have to make quick moves.  You don't get to be yourself, but you get to be you in the most intense craziest situations.  And sometimes the ugly side does come out.  I can't wait to see.

I. Can't. Wait.  Because Shane is crazy.  I was going to say that he was insane but I didn't want to rhyme.

Mad Men
I didn't look up anything about the upcoming season.  So I don't know, I just wonder what Don is going to do, he is my favorite character and then sometimes I just want to smack him.  Well, a lot of times I want to smack him.  I want to see more Joan next season too, well, if it's good for the story that is.

I'm not a humongous fan of Leverage, but I'm glad that it's back.  The episode with Beth Broderick is a classic.  My favorite part of the episode is always showing how they pulled the con off.

Well, as soon as a few folks call me back with very good news, and with this tv schedule,  I can safely say this is going to be a good summer.  Oh yeah, Futurama's coming back June 24th, hey!  That's today!!!


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