I'll Miss You David Tennant

Even though the last David Tennant episode aired weeks ago, I'm just coming around to accepting it.  I'm partially kidding.  ;)

Let me explain my Doctor Who journey.  It starts with my mother and father, they've been fans of Doctor Who since before I was born?  Or I was at least very small.  Then it went away and when it came back I was like 20 or 21, and my dad kept saying to me, watch Doctor Who, I was pretty much like, no go away, what kind of name is Doctor Who anyway?

Then one night we were watching tv and he put on Torchwood.  The name of the episode was 'Ghost Machine', at first I hated Jack for bossing everyone around all of the time and for being Jack.  But I got hooked onto Torchwood and I started liking Jack more than everyone else.  (I have various reasons that I'll maybe discuss one day.)  But I liked Jack, I liked him so much, I wanted to know where they heck he went at the end of season one.

Enter: Doctor Who and I've been watching it ever since.  My first eps of Doctor Who was the three parter  (Utopia, The Sound of Drums, The Last of the Time Lords)  those are some of my favorite episodes and first episodes.  So then I went back and rewatched the whole season.

That last episode for David Tennant was so sad.  I think Russell (DW) and Joss (dollhouse) sit around and think of ways to inflict tragedy into my favorite shows.  He was crying and dying and just so sad, it was so sad, David Tennant is my first and favorite doctor.  When he was excited, you were excited with him, when he was mad you were mad with him, when he was mean or sullen you were all right there with him. 

I'll miss him.  But I hear he'll be on NBC so let's see how that goes.

The writing was terrific, the mixture of the right companions, evil and overall story was fantastic. 

I'll admit towards the end I didn't like him to much, but I don't think we were supposed to, Water of Mars showed that (to me) he was becoming like the Master and in The End of Time he wasn't himself because of his situation.

I was kind of annoyed/disappointed in Gallifrey.  It was brought back for all of three minutes and most of that time was David Tennant giving me whiplash with that gun.  Should I shoot you or should I shoot HIM!  At one point I had decided for him to find a way to shoot them both.  My dad used to talk about Gallifrey and what it was like when the Time Lords were around and now, they're bitter and crazy.  It's not how I thought it would be if/when Gallifrey came back.

So, thanks David, Doctor Who is one of my favorite shows and I think you're a big part of that.

Now for Matt Smith, I'll give him time.  I'm not feeling the bow tie and geronimo, but that could be my David Tennant grief talking, I'll give him a fair shake and wipe the slate clean.


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