Spy Night! 24 and Chuck!

Monday is my spy night, while the two shows differ in genre and seriousness I enjoy them both.

Holy crap!  No one told me that Freddie Prinze Jr. was going to be on 24 this season, and he has a great part too, did you see the way he sped that car in front of the motorcade to rescue everyone?  Awesome.

I didn't keep up on the news for 24 because last season wasn't really that entertaining.  I didn't even watch the last episode a) because my folks watched it without me and b) it was erased from the dvr besides I wasn't too interested anyway, it wasn't like Jack was really going to die.  And after the way the season before last season ended - with Jack staring off into the evening I wasn't really looking forward to the end.

But this season, it feels different, it's starting off very well and I'll tell you why:
CTU is back!  But the guy in charge is an idiot, ALWAYS listen to Jack. lol  Very funny about how he mentioned all the things that NEVER happen to Jack in regards to his cell phone ;) back at you 24 writers, lol.

Oh no, Jack's would-be girlfriend is back, Renee.  My goodness, this is what happened between her and Jack last season.  Jack: Do what I say!  Renee:  NO!  I'm FBI and CTU doesn't even exist any more.  It's agents like her the reason why CTU is back.

The only reason why this season may be more interesting with her in it is because she's back extra crazy this time.  Crazy usually makes for good tv - sometimes.

Paul Wesley!  Is what I shouted when I saw his name come up in the credits last Sunday, to that my dad shouted - Cab Calloway!  To make fun of me.  But it was pretty random to see the guy from Vampire Diaries on 24.  But this was more than likely filmed before he was cast in TVD.

Now on to Chuck.

Let's do the side story first.  It was very hilarious to watch Morgan have to deal with the Fight Club at the Buy More.  Everyone walking around in ridiculous sunglasses to cover their bruises was the best.

I looked up Brandon Routh, because I didn't see Superman, I know nothing of the guy. But I had to look him up on wikipedia after that awesome ep of Chuck.  Looks like we've got our replacement Bryce Larkin.  Actually he seems to be inbetween a Bryce Larkin and Chuck.

I hope they keep Ellie in the dark her reactions and side stories are funny, it was priceless to watch Devon tell her that he decapitated a bear.  yes!

So far I've been enjoying 24 more than Chuck, but if we spend the whole season with Jack getting caught, getting sick, or just not doing Jack-like things then I'd have to sway to Chuck.  I do realize you can't compare the two shows, but it's just a matter of which show I'd rather save until the end of the night to watch.  (Save the best for last.)


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