I'll admit, there was a time that I thought that Dollhouse deserved to be cancelled, but after these last episodes since it came back in December, the show has rocked. 

I still hold my stance that it would have made for a better movie series, but ahhh, I'm not a network exec...yet.

Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers everywhere you look after this point last night The Hollow Men aired, so if you haven't seen up to that point and you don't want to be spoiled, read one of my short stories, lol.

Anyway, let's get my major issue out of the way - I don't like Caroline.  And what made me sure that I didn't like her was how she strapped Boyd to the explosives and had him pull the pin.  I know, I know what the other side will say, and I'll go as far as to say that they do have a valid point - that he used her too when he made her into a doll.  For me, the difference between the two is that Boyd didn't blow Echo up and he wasn't himself when she strapped him to the explosives, it was in that childlike state, so the scene was so sad to watch because it really looked like she was blowing up a grown child.  Oxymoron I know.

But as far as the rest of the episode goes, let me put it to you this way...I will watch anything, ANYTHING that Enver Gjokaj, even if he narrates one of those history or science shows I'd watch that too, because he is a genius.  Well, maybe not a genius but I really feel like he can be handed anything and he'll spin it into something more entertaining than what it was supposed to be.  Sure, I don't know how to pronounce his name yet, but there's something extra when he's on screen.  Oh my gosh, I like watching his scenes, they are some of the most engaging scenes on television.  Oh my gosh, I really feel inspired to write a short story based on him, lol.

While he's my favorite, everyone else is awesome too.  Even though I may not like Caroline, Eliza Dushku does an awesome job of portraying her.

I knew it was Boyd, in the episode The Attic he was the only character left who hadn't been shown more to the audience.  He didn't have his 'episode', that's how I figured it was him.  But it would have been extremely lame if the founder ended up as someone we've never even met before, like those corny Scooby Doo eps.  Where the bad guy is someone we would have never guessed.

Another person who is incredible is Amy Acker, I knew I liked her when she was cute and loveable Fred and then she became ancient king Illyria and then I thought, she's freaking incredible.  Then I saw her on Dollhouse and thought, what a waste, she should be doing more, why isn't she a regular?!  lol But when she showed up as Clyde, I said, ahhhh, saving the good stuff for later huh?

The deaths were to be expected, I still haven't forgiven Joss for the Serintiy Incident as I like to call it aka Wash.  Because ugh!  Why!  That was so ugh, that's why I didn't get too attached to any of the characters in this show, except for Victor/Anthony because here is what Joss does.  He'll make the most cutest, awesome, loveable kitten in the world.  You'll fall in love with this kitten you'll want to watch what this kitten does next and what will happen to him next and Joss Whedon will kill that kitten.  Leaving you with 'wtf?'   So that's what he does, he creates these characters that are 'full of win' as I've read someone else on the internet say and then at a random moment off them.  At least Gunn and Wesley were in the heat of battle but really what was the whole business with Cordelia?

I'm running all the shows together and it may lead to an Angel rant, so I'll return to Dollhouse.

I haven't seen Epitapth 2 yet, as no one should legally have yet because it has not aired, but I expect for it to be incredible and I'm grateful that we are able to get an ending.  Yes, Dark Angel, I mean you.  But anyway, the way that things seem to be going it looks like the series finale can lead to a movie, which is what I want.  Should it be done?  I'll be able to answer that better after I've seen the last episode.


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