Hello 2010

I greeted you with an icy cold reluctance 2010, but I hope you'll understand why I'm being cautious.  You see 2009 and I had a relationship of 'whatever' and 2009 said 'whatever' back.  And 2009 became a whatever year to me.  Sure some pretty great things happened, but I'm kind of like that girl from Glee, Rachel and I want everything to be perfect and I want to have achievements! 

So listen up 2010!  I'm going to be 24 in a week and I have a college degree in an downard economic environment and that did not make for a good 2009.  So I'm saying to you 2010, don't frak this up for me!  2010 if you're not incredible and awesome the way I want you to be, you and I will have major issues.  Now here are the things that I want.

1. To join the science fiction writer's association.  Which means that I need to write more short stories and be a frickin' genius because getting published with a scifi magazine is just as easy as threading a needle in the dark in the home of a stranger.

2.  To get published, but as I said I need to write more.  I have a few stories out on amazon and smashwords but, I'm not breaking any records, well not the kind of records I want to break.

Those are the big two right now, 2010 and if I'm nowhere near either of those goals, I will break your face off.


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