My Published Stories

None of these are by a traditional publishing company but I'll get there, we all start out somewhere.  I went to a writer's coffeehouse meeting last month, after Christmas and got to listen to Jonathan Maberry and Gregory Frost talk about writing.  Something stood out at me, and it was something Gregory Frost said. Or Greg, as I like to call him.

Are we friends?  No.  This is my first time meeting him (sorta) I just like to call him Greg and pretend like we're friends, I do the same thing with Jon and L.A Banks, so if I refer to Leslie, that's who I'm talking about, we're all friends, they just don't know we're friends yet.

Anyway, Greg said that no writer should ever stop writing, that "that should never happen."  So I said, that sounds good to me.  So here are the links to a few things I've published on smashwords. - Battle at the Revkar Portal (scifi) - The 13th Floor (paranormal) - Lily's Ballad (romance)

I've also written another short story Rain of the Slimax, it's science fiction and I've been shopping it around to scifi magazines and e-zines. 

I will be published somewhere, it will be a joyous day and the Earth will be awesome once again, but until that day I'll hit the pavement with something I like to call determination.  Or as some other people I know who may remain nameless foolishness.  Whatever you want to call it, I don't care.  I'm gonna do it.


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