Who's Who? A Look into the Spiral Galaxy

So, I'm always saying read my book, read my book and I do get readers some like it some don't, there's people out there who hate science fiction, which is really beyond me but I don't judge.  Well, I try not to judge, I'm sure they judge me, I don't care.

I think that I should use this time to introduce some of my charaters, I'm finishing The Quest to Save Xanar and what I mean by finishing I mean, it's finished but I don't know if it's ready.  But that's something different.

The Visions of Koto-Ryin came out a year ago, after I finished the first draft of The Quest to Save Xanar.  I was given two characters that my father created Princess Arianna of Deltor and Prince Dante of Xanar.  They're a younger generation than the characters in Escape 2 Earth 2012 as I'm writing The Quest to Save Xanar I have different characters who either they cross paths with, team up with, or against.

As I'm writing these other characters I felt like I was cheating them, I didn't want to spend a whole chapter on the origins of Koto-Ryin, because I would get off track and loose people, but I felt like I wanted to explain more and explain more.  Which I could have done, but I remember how The Vampire Lestat was one huge flashback, I just didn't want that.

So I wrote the novella, The Visions of Koto-Ryin.

She is the dutiful assistant, nothing ever happens to her, she just puts her head down and only does what she's told.  It is not in her nature to be a rebel, but when her back is to the wall and her planet is in danger, she had to stand up and do something about it.  I was a receptionist for almost seven years, it's kinda of like being an assistant to a prominent figure.  You work in this large facility and yet you're just the receptionist.  You're just the girl at the desk and that's how Koto-Ryin starts out.

The Warriors of Deltor
Lovo, Mallobo, Trystan and Dajus

Her name is similar to love.  She has compassion for almost everyone and everything, but she never shows it.  She feels responsible for the group and even though she isn't the leader, she kinda is.  She fills the role the others don't have to, but they just do.

I try to be impartial but I really like Mallobo.  He's sarcastic, he has wild wolf-like hair, well, if a wolf were to have gold hair with light red streaks in it.  He's the only Deltorian with red streaks like that.  Anyway, I like him because of what I've done to him.  He's on the prescipice of what lies beyond their universe.  The Visions of Koto-Ryin is an explaination of what happend to the warriors and why it happened.  I'm not really giving anything away when I say they'll be back in The Quest to Save Xanar, they're a good portion of the book.  But that's why I needed Visions to come out first, to explain why they're behaving the way that they are.
Mallobo senses danger coming not only to Deltor but to the Spiral Galaxy, but no one is listening, they don't want to arm themselves, so...he's taken very dirastic measures.

I even had a dream about him, umm, he straight up kidnaps me and tries to convince me that he's not evil and he wants me to re-write the story.  Which actually kinda worked - it's spooky so I wrote Assault of the Telda, which is in Inside the Spiral Galaxy.

He's quiet.  He can see in the dark like a cat or an owl.  He's really tall, also Deltorian.  He and the prince have a sort of side adventure and he's not so quiet then.

There wasn't much time to develop her before the 'incident' that changes her, but Attack of the Skryo is a game changer.  And I'm not just throwing that out there, a lot of the things that happen from thereon, would not take place the way that they are if the 'incident' did not occur.  Attack of the Skyro is one of the stories in Visions of Koto-Ryin.

Now I've explained all this to explain that while The Visions of Koto-Ryin are taking place, another group of aliens have their own set of issues.

When I was writing Assault of the Telda I created an enemy, Elva, and a story that I had no device for, I didn't have a reason for it to exist just snapped together.  It molds almost perfectly, it's a little scary.

I'm not going to give the whole secret away, so I'll just tell you about Paradise One.  Paradise One is a short story that connects with other short stories that I've written involving Atlantians.  In this universe Earth is destoryed and the Earthlings now live on New Earth in the Spiral Galaxy.  Some of the humans who evacuated are Atlantean. 

In my version the Atlanteans are an advanced race of people who gave guidance to mankind, while another group of Atlanteans wanted to only harm humans.  Well, of course a war broke out and Atlantis disappeared.  There is now an Atlantean dispora all over the cosmos, some are hiding in different dimensions while others are gearing up for the war that is bound to resume.  The evil Atlanteans, the Bilal, still want to destory mankind.  I would tell you the catch, but then I wouldn't need to write the story, lol.

Paradise One follows an Atlantean woman Adair who has taken over the human body of Tina.  Why?  Because she's locked away and in suspended animation and she can't get out.

Why is she in suspended animation? 
She was accused of being with the Bilal.  I won't say any more than that.  That story is free in Science Fiction Freedom.

She and her friend Damascus are trying to find her old friends, so that one of them could lead her back to her own body.  But they encounter a dimensional drift, it's when two or more dimensions collide into one another and mayhem insues.  When Atlantis was thriving, Adair was an expert in the art of alchemy and science.  She created a machine, the Yikar Machine because she saw that the dimensions were cracking into one another.  With the use of alchemy a Yikar Machine appeared in every dimension it was needed.  The program would copy itself across dimensional space and protect that dimension.  Adair in Tina's body realizes that the device is either failing or being sabotaged by someone or something. 

I have the time now to continue writing so I will continue to follow what makes me happy and write a science fiction story I would like to read.


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