The Band Ivy

I first heard Ivy during an episode of Roswell.  A show that I love.  I love that show! 

I'm still waiting for the movie btw.  I don't care if you get a new cast, I love the story.  (sorry cast, I love you too ;)  )

The song was Undertow, it was haunting and annoying because Max kissed Tess...on purpose!  And Liz saw the whole thing, but I was able to get over the fact that Liz ran to Sean during her prom.  ugh, Sean.

Anyway I was distracted by the music, it fit so well.  So I sought out Ivy, only to realize that other Ivy songs were on Roswell too.

But Undertow is not my favorite Ivy song.

1. You Don't Know Anything

2. Disappointed

3. Baker

4. Midnight Sun

According to windows media player these are the most worn out Ivy songs.  But wait there's more.

Practically the whole Long Distance cd was right on point.  Somewhere around my room is the article I wrote about this cd from when I was on the college newspaper, the Griffin, but then I think it was called The Fourth Estate.  I liked the Fourth Estate better, but ah well.  Oh goodness, was that really going on 8 years ago.  I'm old, lol.

In the Clear (2005) I came out a few years before Dido's Safe Trip Home (2008), playing those both at the same time as The Garden (2006) which came out a few years before.  All of the melodic tunes and tone of their music help me create.

5. While We're In Love

6. Worry About You

I just realized if I keep going I'll end up naming the entire album but just in the order I like the songs in.  Although, 1 and 3 are from other albums.

I was very exicted to hear that Ivy is coming out with a new album, as well as Dido and Zero 7 all with very secretive release dates.  Whatever music industry.

I'd still be a writer if Ivy didn't exist, but I don't think it'd be this easy to have this much fun doing it.


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