The Roswell Reboot (My Way)

I would not pick up where we left off at in the tv show, I'd just redo it

I don't care that show ended seven years ago.  They brought V back!

I could totally write the Roswell Reboot.  Oh yes.  I know I can.  I know exactly what to do, and I'll share that with you free of charge, isn't that nice.

Keep the fundementals the same, okay?

If we're doing a movie we need to introduce more sooner.  In case you didn't know, we're doing a series, wouldn't you love that a Roswell Movie Series.

We need to keep Max falling in love with Tess, I'm sorry!  I'm sorry!  We need to keep that.  Why?  So it'll be awesome when he realizes he really loves Liz.

We need to make Tess more evil or kill her.  And not in some cheesy, see ya later Liz, kind of off screen death.  It has to be major.  I haven't figured that part out yet, but she should die later...much later.

Are we forgetting that Michael has a brother?  Yeah, book readers know this...throw that into the mix.

Another no-no.  We are not killing Alex.  That's just not happening.  I don't know if it's just Colin Hanks' Alex that I love or if another actor can pull it off, but damn it we should try.

Have her kill someone else, but not...not Kyle.  Kyle stays. 

What else?

We're definately keeping the doppleganger dupes, BUT please can we get rid of the mohawk, it was cool the first time I watched the episode but when I watch it now, doesn't work.  We need to make them evil.  Having a bad sense of fashion does not make you evil unless you're standing in front of Tyra Banks and her fierce crew.

So let's review
1. Tess more evil
2. Alex doesn't die
3. Dupes more evil
4. Add Michael's brother

I've got it!  Tess could kill Milton.  Because he just kind of disappeared.  And I mean, I did like Brody but that whole Brody Maria thing was kinda weird, lol.  So No Brody.

5. No Brody
I liked Brody he was good for a few laughs, but overall - no.

Everyone else stays the same, well not the same but here's what we're keeping.

1. The parents
Clueless parents are hilarious.  Now...I'm sure that whenever I'm a parent I will not find it funny at all.  But purposes of this movie franchise well have cluless parents and we won't change parents mid-movie.

2. Kivar
Since we're doing movies, we should know about Kivar and the Royal Four at least a half hour into the movie.  Maybe Michael's brother tells them, idk.

3. The protectors
Love, love, love that storyline.  As a matter of fact.  There's the movie right there.  The White Room.  Agent Pierce chasing after them was what made up the awesomeness of season one.  That could be the climax and end of this movie.  The alien protectors first Nasedo and then Joey Pants, I can't remember the alien's name right now, I'm trying to ignore someone talking to me as I'm writing about this.  Those were good storylines.

Hey...I am thinking about this and I do realize that we could really have a three hour movie if I had it my way, if anyone is inclined to throw a bunch of money at me I'll write the script.  Because at some point we have to throw the Max and Liz romance into it and the Michael and Maria romance AND the Alex and Isabel romance.

My. Favorite. Show.

I know Roswell went a bit off the tracks in season three, I still liked it though.  I wasn't as nearly irritated as I am with Supernatural which was pretty tough competition for all time favorite show with Roswell, but I digress, Roswell is my favorite show.

We're keeping the music or this ish does not get done!  Okay, call whomever you need to call because I have the dvds with the 'new' and 'replaced' music and it's not the same.  And I know the one person who reads this blog is like, we'll you're changing the actors aren't you?  That doesn't matter as much if they're good, but the mood of the scene goes along with music, the music helps carry the scene along, it helps you feel along with the scene.  You can't just throw whatever you want in there.

As you can tell I'm a little peeved about the music changes in the dvds.

If we can bring back Roswell then maybe I won't have to spend $100+ to get book four, that's also considered the season four of the series.


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