The Movie Takers Makes Me Mad

It should be ILLEGAL to take a great cast and just piss me off like that. 

You took a cast with some of my favorite actors, like not my favorite cute actors, but my favorite actors in general, because I don't dream about dinners with me and Idris, but I'll watch him, he's a really good actor.  So you had Michael, Paul, Idiris, Hayden and Jay jay Hernandez who I do dream about having dinners with and just messed it all up.

Absolutely criminal.  If you didn't see the movie STOP HERE.

There were cool fight scenes, cool robbery scene, the cool "we're going to go hang out because we're bad and we're rich" scene.  Okay, I just can reconcile with this ending.  I've never liked movies where the good guy is just going to go out and die for no reason and take his little brother with him.  What waas that?  No really?  What was that?  I know he shot a cop and blah, blah, blah.  Did he have to shoot the cop?  Did he have to die?'s a freaking write what you want.  Or rather what I want.

They could have done this, Ghost gets away at the end, but not before taking all the money and killing the blue woman from Avatar.  THAT'S your set up for the next movie.  Ugh!  Movie makes me so mad.

There was backstory, but I would have liked to see how '04 went down instead of angry refrences to it.  Why can't Michael stay in one place, huh?  Sleeper Cell ended.  FlashForward ended.  Takers ended.  November, which I think I'm one of ten people who saw that movie, ended.  I mean he was in Six Pounds but all people remember from that movie was that big ole jellyfish.  Michael Ealy and Jefferey Dean Morgan have problems staying alive.
Oh, look at these geniuses. I have a question...why did you go to the one place the cops would look for you!?

I'm mad.

I don't see what the problem is.  What person actually says that they want their favorite actor to die in a movie?  And not just die...but die for no reason!

Tagline is Everyone is After Something.  How about I'm after a better movie.  Call Hollywood redo the script and refilm this movie all with the same actors.  (I know, I know it won't happen.)  The only way it will happen if they do a remake which will be about five or six years from now but get brand new people in it,


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