The Twilight Saga: After Seeing Eclipse

So...I'm back on Twilight again.  I wasn't after I saw Eclipse and I turned away for a few months because my favorite line was taken out of the movie.

''The clouds I can handle, but I can't fight an eclipse'' -Jacob

I don't see why that couldn't be in the movie, unless it's in a deleted scene, but I have the digital vod version, but I digress.  It's one of the best lines in the book and they didn't use it.  Shame on you Melissa.  I'm half kidding.

I haven't made my way to the eclipse soundtrack because the music in this movie didn't grab me as much as the first two but here's some of my Twilight insights.

1. I still think Twilight is Roswell with Vampires

2. They should have kept in Jacob's line

3. Not looking forward to this one year apart two parter.  I want to try to wait until both movies are out but unless something happens to me in my life (say my own massive book deal) I'll probably end up watching it.

4. I wish we knew more about Emmet but I'm starting to think there isn't more, lol, sorry

5. I'm creeped out about Jacob in the last book, I know it's supposed to be romantic but err what?

6. Finish Midnight Sun!

The New Moon Soundtrack is my favorite, it has the best music on it.  In no particular order whatsover, it really depends on my mood.
1. Slow Life
2. Hearing Damage
3. Meet Me on the Equinox
4. The Violet Hour
5. Shooting the Moon
6. I Belong to You

Those are the ones I can remember right now.  I love, love, love those songs. 
They make me want to go and write something.


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