Reunion Time: #GameofThrones The Spoils of War

Massive, massive credit to the people who worked on the Train Loot Battle I mean Massacre.
My husband isn't interested in the "movie magic" behind the scenes but I think it's amazing.
They used drones that can go 70mph to keep up with the action! How cool is that?
The crew didn't hold back or skimp on this scene and whoever did the ash that was the awesome extra touch. Things like that really is the tip of the mountain that helps the scene look realistic. That's amazing.

This episode starts off with Jamie taking the gold from Highgarden and the plan is to bring it to King's Landing to pay the Iron Bank.
Image result for game of thrones littlefinger
I think it's very interesting and funny that Littlefinger is trying to gain favor with the Stark children. He is probably also sending information to Cersei via Varys. That's my own personal guess because he's been a little skittish when it comes to the ravens and like Sansa said, "Littlefinger isn't a generous man, he doesn't give anything unless he thought he was getting something back". The looks exchanged between Arya and Littlefinger says to me that he did recognize her when he was pretending to be a boy when she was pretending to be a servant for Tywin Lannister.

I was really annoyed with the guards even and Arya.  I get that they showed that scene to show how much has changed and how much she has changed but Bran didn't have this issue and it was a scene that was long and unnecessary to me.

I loved it when Bran reminded Litterfinger that "chaos is a ladder" and he's been climbing it ever since.  Bran is no longer Bran but he is now the three-eyed-raven what purpose did that reminder serve Bran? Possibly the let Baelish know he, 3ER or TER wasn't there for his fluffing or antics?
Emotion doesn't serve Bran so I'm not sure why he said or did what he did, it could have just only been a not to us.

But we did learn that Bran cannot see past a decision. Arya came to the crossroads and that's all he saw. He didn't see her make a decision.
I wish Bran was still Bran. The reunions were so adult and so serious because they can't be too happy. 
They have so much work to do.

Everyone freaking out about Sansa's hair can relax it looks like she changed her hair to resemble her mother's in this episode.

Brienne is awesome for saying what I was saying to Podrick. You did next to nothing to get the Stark girls home. But Podrick is right, she nearly died trying!  She has to give herself credit.
Tyrion is at a crossroads himself. He wants his sister dead, that's all. She, after all has wanted him dead for a very long time. But Jamie is different. Jamie rescued him. My husband read some of the books he says Jamie didn't really pity him he just saw him as his brother. 
The issue Tyrion has is that he wants to perform surgical, careful operations.  But like Daenerys said, they've lost the Reach, the Greyjoys and the Dornish. She has Castely Rock but what good is it?
Tyrion wants to smoke Cersei out. I refuse to believe the man who came up with the plan to win the Battle at Blackwater Bay is wrong. Jon said she was wrong too.
I also think there's more to what Tyrion is doing.
You can't just kill everyone. 
Image result for game of thrones the spoils of warThey'll be no one left to follow you.  I really felt like Jon's speech to Daenerys should speak to every politician out there. No one wants more of the same when everything is going horribly.
During the scene of Arya beating Brienne I wondered what the heck Baelish was smiling at? Does he want Arya now?  She's kinda young and can kill him.
Or does he feel more confident in the horse he's backed?
Does he ever leave Sansa alone?
Arya was an absolute animal in that scene and there's an article already up as to how every move meant something to her journey along the way.
I wonder if Baelish wants gratuity for not blowing Arya's cover without giving away the fact that he saw her and did nothing?
King Jon? King Snow? These kinds of conversations make me wonder if these two talk while they traveled together.

Image result for game of thrones the spoils of warI don't care about Theon, he'll probably die doing something heroic and that will never distract me from the fact he murdered two farm boys to save face.

Daenerys ignores all of her advisors and goes to kill a bunch or Lannister soldiers.  Extra crispy style.
The writers, producers, directors, boom guy everyone has been going out of their way to remind is that these men are real men.  The whole conversation with Sam's brother and it being that it was his first battle makes you feel excites and horrified that The Mother of Dragons has come to exact her revenge.

Did she know which carriage had the gold? She lit fire to a line and skipped one.
I liked how the Dothraki fought as they were fabled to: side saddle.
It was never a battle. It was a massacre.

Cersei, you in danger girl.

The crazy part, to me, about this scene, is that no one ran? The soldiers stayed and fought. I would have said forget this, I'm out of here.

I like Daenerys because we're supposed to, she's supposed to be the great white hope that rescues the 7 Kingdoms. But I like Bronn more.  Bronn understands that chaos is a ladder. He's opportunistic and puts in the manual work while Littlefinger puts in different work, mind games.
I have no idea of what type of time Jamie was on when he thought he could actually stab a dragon with all that noise he was making.

I was never concerned with Jamie dying, not just because I don't like him, but because he's supposed to be Cersei's queenslayer and off her.

Bronn put in the work, as far as I can tell loading that weapon is supposed to be a 3 person job.
I shouldn't feel bad for these soldiers because they had just taken Highgarden but I think that's the point all of these men are just men, they're pawns.

I just think that Daenerys is playing Cersei's game with this move because this is something Cersei would do if she had 3 large dragons.

It's good she only brought one because three would have been overkill.

HOWEVER it's possible Daenerys made this decision because she doesn't know how much time she has before the white walkers arrive.

She's been in Essos/Mereen waiting to take the throne so she's becoming impatient. And the pressure of everything that's happening can have affected her decision to make KFC out of the Lannister men.


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