MCU: #Daredevil #Defenders Karen Page is In the Way

Out of all of the side characters, in my opinion, she's the worst.

She literally killed a guy, shot him, murdered him in cold blood okay?  So, this is what I think about whenever she opens her whiny mouth to say something to Matt.

Am I the only one who is bothered by her?

"Matt, don't."  "Matt please." "Matt you don't have to do this."
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Listen, woman.  No one else in any of the other shows does this.  She's in the way.

And that's pretty much the extent of their relationship now.  Karen telling Matt to do things and Matt not listening.

I don't know what value or drama we're supposed to get from their relationship.  I just wanted him and Foggy to make up again.  I think that friendship was real, it's solid.  I'm usually against the whole ditch the chick for bros mentality.  But Karen is not the real friend she thinks she is.

Friendships like Foggy and Matt, Tish and Jessica, Jessica and Luke, even Hogarth!  Carrie Ann Moss is literally in a scene for maybe 5-9 minutes no more than that and she provides more emotion or empathy other than a one dimensional character we get from Karen.

All Karen does is whine.

At some point does she become like the comic version and starts doing adult films and heroine?

I don't know what's going out there in the fanverse for these Netflix Marvel shows.  I know some people feel like it's too much and they don't like how popular they've become.  And I do admit it was kinda cool to be the only person who knows who Jessica Jones is, kinda like she's your own personal super hero that no one else knows about.  And there are things that you do like because they're not popular.

So there are mixed feelings when it comes to the growing popularity of these shows.

My cousin likes Luke Cage, I do too but I really enjoy Jessica Jones.  I think season two of DareDevil was so much better than the first.


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