My Issues With Being Mary Jane

There is no character development.

Mary Jane is still the same person she was in season one. She's almost 40 and she's still the same selfish self-involved person she was in season one.
Image result for being mary janeAnd her family is still pretty oblivious to the fact that just because their daughter is successful doesn't mean she has other internal and emotional issues.

The writing this season has been lacking for me.
Niecey came to visit under false pretenses and complained the whole time.

"This place is a dump."
"Auntie this place is small."
"What you mean you don't have a car."
Girl, you live with your parents and just blew tens of thousands in cash because you couldn't keep your gums shut.

Mary Jane has basically switched out Kara for Justin. Every time she has a problem, Justin what should I do? Can we rename the show Being Justin?

The Tomi Lahren storyline was pretty predictable.  I would hope that news stations don't run their business in a way that's this messy. Justin and Kara are both Senior producers now, instead of sending him away to chase some story give Kara back to Mary Jane.

I don't know about this show, I'm still watching only because of Michael Ealy. I wasn't expecting her to dump Lee that quickly like she's in high school. My patience for her and this strange writing- the whole thing with Mary Jane's brother and his "mentor" was odd. I would like to have more of a stable storyline in this show. Where are we going with this? She can't just be messy this whole time. It's a waste of Gabrielle Union and Michael Ealy's talents.

I think I like Kara's boyfriend's storyline the best.  He's the only person in the show who I believe is self-aware and wants more out of his life.

Everyone else is just languishing and that's annoying to me.


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