Game of Thrones: The Queen's Justice Recap

The third episode of the seventh season is called The Queen's Justice.  It's aptly titled because even though Lady Olenna isn't a Queen her grand daughter was a Queen so we can include Margaery in that category.

The episode starts off with Jon suddenly arriving at Dragonstone when in previous seasons it would have taken him all season to get there.  Tyrion and Jon chit chat about Sansa and a little about dragons.  

Then we cut to the Red Witch and Varys have their own scene that's very ominous but her character frustrates me because she's been wrong before so when she says things I'm not at all inclined to listen to what she has to say as fact or foreshadowing.  But this is the second time Varys has been threatened by a Red Witch.  Last season a younger red priestess saw into his past as to how he was castrated it seems it was done to him for witchcraft purposes.   

So it seems this scene was written into the episode as a clue.  Someone is betraying Daenerys and it's probably him.  Someone speculated on twitter that it was Tyrion but I hope they're joking because Cersei hates Tyrion BUT as we find out later on in the episode it was Lady Olenna which exonerates Tyrion to Cersei.  BUT he still killed their dad so who knows what the Cersei/Tyrion relationship will look like later on.  He's her enemy now and none of this may even matter.  

 This may be a pet peeve but Jon walks into Daenerys' throne room and it's dark.  Is it foreshadowing that she will turn evil and be just like the Mad King?  I don't know,  I just thought it was odd she didn't have any fire or lights going.

I would ask for pillows.  Neither throne looks comfortable.

Image result for mad king throne

"This is Jon Snow.  He's King of the North."

So funny.  

Then Daenerys did something I didn't like at all.  She started talking about bending knees and Torren Stark.  Girl, you just met him and you're all high and mighty like her father wasn't insane.  She should have led with asking for forgiveness before jumping into the knee bending business.

This whole scene was interesting to me because it's possible Tyrion is a Targaryen and we know Jon is a Targaryen. 

The thing that really grates on me is that NO ONE believes Jon. The woman who commands dragons doesn't believe in White Walkers.  

Now that we've finally had this long-awaited meeting between Jon and Daenerys I don't feel let down but I felt like he was arguing with Sansa.  Think about it replace that scene with Daenerys with Sansa and it all sounds like stuff Sansa would say or do.  The whole scene was just really annoying.

So who's in charge of Dorne now?  

They fished Theon out and I just don't care.  I'll never forget he burned two children alive.  

Here we see the first instance of the Queen's Justice because there was NO REASON for Illyria to kill Myrcella.  People were making jokes because the day before this episode aired it was National Lipstick Day so people on twitter were saying Cersei got herself some free poisoned lipstick haha. 

Cersei has made a mistake to keep Illyria alive but we'll see how that shakes out.  If she's going to leave her alive after Illyria's daughter dies.  But...yawn.

And Cersei just opens the door while Jamie is still in bed all idgaf which was super extra cringe-worthy.  Girlfriend has no shame.  

Scenes like the one with the rep with the Iron Bank makes me realize it doesn't matter who sits on the Iron Throne.  He who has the gold makes the rules.  This makes me think of a theory that I read somewhere else.  That the many faced god is money.  If that's so then that's who the men of many faces serve.  Money.  It's just something that's interesting.  

I like how we NEVER solved the problem of Daenerys' dragons killing little farm girls.

Image resultI read something that said that Littlefinger is an INTJ and that speech to Sansa proves it.  But I also feel like he must suffer from anxiety of the highest levels.  Everyone is your enemy and your friend?  Don't be surprised by any scenario?  If this is so he should see that Sansa may have to kill him.  Or marry him then kill him and she can rule the Vale alone or with whomever she wants.

I'm excited that Sansa and Bran reunited but Bran being weird kind of ruined it.

All of Daenerys' allies are dropping.  The Dornish, Iron Borns and Tyrells all taken out within two episodes.  So all that linking up at the end of the previous season got washed away in two episodes.  It's annoying because after the Red Wedding I expected it.

I like that Olenna's last words to Jamie were I want her to know it was me.  I hate when a character takes stuff to their grave. 

I'm apprehensive (that's a super strong word but I have yet to come up with a word that means apprehensive but less than) about the show ending.  Because this is the type of show that can go on forever.  I can see Sansa becoming the kind of person Olenna becomes and that's the scene of the episode where she drinks the poison and drops he mic.


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