My Favorite 4a Staples: Vlogs, Products, and

If you're considering going natural or you already have and you're tired of all the tutorials that tell you how to get your hair to look like this:

When your hair really looks like this

When I first went natural my hair was tight, kinky, coily and poofy, and I could not figure out why it was so hard and so poofy and how to make it hang.

Here's the secret ingredient to making it soft and to make it hang.

I check out these blogs daily:

Not only does her site serve as a portal to many other naturalistas she adds a mental aspect to the world of being natural that helps you not only get through the transition phase of going natural but how to deal with people after you've gone natural.  The site is also informative when it comes to just learning new hair styles and how popular natural hair is.

YouTube Vlogs
These 4a or 4b ladies have been really helpful on my natural hair care journey
She's not a 4a, but she's very knowledgable and very helpful when I was transitioning


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