Natural Hair Journey

Living in West Virginia is a little tough when it comes to natural hair. I was able to go to Charlotte this year and there were so many fabulous ladies there with so many awesome natural styles.  But here in West Virginia the one experience I've had with another African American person was absolutely terrible.  She was still stuck in 1990, talking about perms (when they're really called relaxers).  Natural hair is bad, it's nappy and bad.

Even though, I'm sure no one can really tell me why it's bad.  

Why because it isn't straight.  Like a white person's?

If white people, Latinos, Asians whomever can wear their hair naturally, why can't I?

And this is a question I asked myself in September 2010.  And that's when I decided I wasn't going to do things to please other people anymore.  It NEVER works.  

So I made some changes and decided to go natural and that was before, I discovered YouTube videos, blogs and other natural hair care sites.

My hair has always been short and unhealthy.

So I stopped relaxing it, but then this happened.  Which was freaking awful and I didn't know where it would end.  
So then I started putting in weaves and braids.

Then one day, it went from the above to this...

Then I started doing this...

My other favorite is this, it's a protective style, so it's been going really good with my hair.



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