Criticize Science Fiction for Not Explaining the FICTIONAL Science

I hate it when people criticize science fiction for not being REAL science fiction.  


What is real science fiction?  I keep hearing it about my stories because people want me to explain the science behind stuff.  Here's a newsflash people.  

It's not real.

No one ever said, gee, I really wish Doc Brown would have really given us a lesson on how the flux capacitor works.

You have to be kidding me; it's lights in a Y shape.  There is no scientific basis for how it works.  Absolutely ridiculous.  Then you have people who want to know how the space ship works.  I don't ever remember Star Wars explaining how C3PO worked, you just knew he worked.  

It wasn't even until some thirty years later that Lucas even attempted to explain what the Force is.  You just knew it was a thing, you didn't need to know how it worked.  I just can't stand these unhappy people who decide to get a bug up their butts about anything.  Anything.

Who ever said, "well he never explained how a lightsaber works"  that's like asking, "how are swords and guns made? All you need to know, is that it's a dangerous weapon and it slice your f-ing body in half.  That's it.

Does knowing any of this, really change the story for you?

People are so annoying.


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