#GameofThrones Recap: Season 7 Premiere: Dragonstone

Arya's Revenge.
That is one of my most favorite scenes.  Right up there with Arya killing Walder only because of the stories that she and Bran would listen to as children.

Foreshadowing is great when it's done like that.  It's even more chilling because she's a child but let's remember all of what Arya has been through and Sansa for that matter.  Arya was always just coming up at the very last minute just to have her hope snatched away.

I know we have a lot to jump into but when the guy that's in charge at the wall (I never learned his name I expected him to be dead by now) asks Meera and Bran how do they know they're telling him the truth Bran just lists off places he's been and that's about it.  If I say prove to me that you are who you say you are and the person says, last Wednesday you were at the grocery store at 11 am that doesn't help me believe you.  But that's nitpicking to the highest degree.

"I don't plan on knitting by the fire."  I'm all here for Lyanna Mormont speaking up for women but nah don't put a spear in my hand bro.

Sansa is right but bad timing girl.  They need to start having meetings and talking this stuff through BEFORE hand.  This meeting made me feel like I was at my old job while my boss and his boss tried to figure out what the meeting was supposed to be about.

The Castarks and Umbers betrayed the Starks and had their father's killed during the Battle of the Bastards, they sided with Ramsay.  But this is bull to me because Jon asked them for their allegiance and all I can think is...how did they even get in?  Their side lost wouldn't you run or something?  Your family was on the losing side what are they supposed to say?  No...I'm still loyal to Ramsay?

I agree with Sansa but I do understand what Jon is saying but let's be real that "pledge your allegiance" thing was wasteful.

I am glad that they talked after that instead of just being quiet and letting it fester.

Cersei just listed a name of all of their enemies, all of her children are dead, at this point just run away.

I didn't get the big deal about the Euron scene I get that he's supposed to be funny but nothing he does is funny to me it just made me wonder where Yara was.  Obviously with Dany but show Yara not Euron.

Then we skip to Sam who has a horrible job and we get it his job sucks but everyone's outlook there is just an "oh well" kind of attitude.

Everyone is so creeped out by Lord Baelish but he went from running "friendship" houses in King's Landing to Lord of the Vale.  How dumb is Sansa supposed to be to marry Baelish?  So he can kill Jon and become King of the North?  That's so dumb.

Not too keen on the Ed Sheeran cameo.  I mean it's good for him, I bet it's great for Ed Sheeran and Game of Throne fans to see him but it was just - ok but why?

Apparently, I wasn't the only one to feel this way Yes, The Ed Sheeran Cameo Was a Mistake.  It was just too obvious.  And if you didn't know who he was it was shot in a way that it looked like he was ready to do something.  But nope he was just there to sing and show Arya that not all of the Lannister soldiers are evil.

The Hound has changed and now can see predictions in the fire.  This is interesting to me and reminds me of Saul's change to Paul in the bible so we will see where this all goes.  He buries the father and daughter that in my opinion he helped kill faster by stealing from them but he showed remorse and buried them so that was really interesting.

Sam finds out there's a ton of Dragonglass under Dragonstone which right now sounds like a duh moment but you don't know until you know.

Then there's a jump scare in where we find out where Jorah has been.  He's really messed up.  His disease has progressed a lot further.

Daenerys makes it to Westeros and is ready, to begin with, Tyrion as her hand to the queen.  No one really died this episode, I'm sure the Frey's disagree, but that just says to me the other six episodes are going to be ridiculous.  I completely missed the dialogue and which sigil it was she took down that tells me that that castle used to belong to Stannis. I saw the war room and kept thinking wasn't that Stannis' war room?  So I need to brush up on my paying attention game.  

Buuuttttt...Absolutely NO squatters?  It's just an empty castle and no one was trying live in there for fun?

Why are people shipping Yara kissing Ellaria that's how she kills people.

This link had me rollin' A Black Person's Guide to Game of Thrones


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