#FTWD: The Unveiling; Children of Wrath

Who does that?  Who just throws a pig head into the ground like that?  Did he throw it down and pick it up or did he have someone else pick it up?  OR did they just leave it there?  These are the questions I have during the commercial break.

Oh and Ophelia is back, yay.

I'm kinda sad that no one is happy to see Ophelia I mean, Travis is dead she obviously knew what the right call was.

But anyway Alicia agrees to stay behind for...reasons.  I guess she can't explain to Jake's dad what a parlay is so she decides he'll agree if Jake explains.  Which makes no sense, Jeremiah would be more likely to agree if it was his son that was in danger, not Madison's daughter.

Wait.  Alicia tells Walker that he killed a family member and he's all good so you can know how I feel.  What the heck kind of an answer is that?

The rescue mission is underway for Alica because...don't get me started on how American television is but this is also Madison who does dumb things for her family.  I guess Madison just thinks she's 007 and can just do whatever she wants and she's not at all afraid of - I don't know - repercussions!

So, Jake goes back to Walker and his brother lets him!  I'm surprised he lived that was a crazy scene.

We learn Jeremiah found Ofelia and stranded her to die because she's "brown" and he's a racist f*ck.  So he's gonna die in this episode.

Madison catches up with Ofelia she's obviously the one that I guess poisoned a ton of people this is funny to me because Ophelia betrayed Hamlet and I'm pretty sure

Wait.  You can make anthrax from animals?  Why can't anything fun come from animals?  Alice in Wonderland came across a ton of wonderful things.

I'm so glad not only is Strand back on screen.  He has his boat back.  It's almost like a video game.  He has to "clear the board" of zombies first, haha.

If Nick survives freaking Anthrax I'm just gonna call him Superman.  I guess we're going with the tv theory that he's done so many drugs in his life his body will be able to resist.  Obviously, these writers may not know any crackheads.

So Ofelia says to Walker the Clarks took me in.  False.  Your dad took the Clarks in when all hell was breaking loose.  Let's not get that all of that twisted.

This is why I like Nick...he just pulled out a skull and said, "who is this?"  I think the proper question is, "who did this skull belong to?"

God have mercy, this is why they don't tell Alicia anything.  Ok, Troy killed the family that left and Madison covered it up and Alicia lost her marbles over it.  I mean...what did she want them to do?  Kill him?  That's not a great way of surviving the apocalypse.

Hold on, hold on, so Strand gets to talk to a Russian astronaut in space and I just can't believe that in an event of a worldwide catastrophe that things happened too fast to get their astronauts home?  This is SAD!  Setting stuff on fire, people dying from animal anthrax, but don't have me talking to a guy who's "talking from his grave" in outer space.  I'm going to really need an actual explaination as to what caused this to happen and I don't think I'm ever going to get.  Can we at least get a cure?

"The world will not die until you die."  that's a great line.

And he's setting the boat on fire and I don't get that but ok, I guess it's symbolic?  He took a look around at essentially his plan was to survive the Apocolypse on the boat.  He's such a cool and suave character and I think he was saying goodbye to all of that.

Now that Madison is telling this story about her dad I think she's going to die.  She's been keeping a secret since the show began.  Madison's dad was an abusive alcoholic so she killed him while he slept like a thug.  She ate her cereal, brushed her teeth because you can't kill on an empty stomach or dirty teeth.  How is she not in jail?  And then she says she's going to go "talk to" Jeremiah.  No one asked if she needed backup because Madison is a thug she doesn't need backup.  After this mother-child moment, I can't help but wonder if Travis knows.

I watch this show alone so there are times where I say, "what?" out loud.  Madison tells Jeremiah he's going to off himself to make things up to his kids.  This is the end of the world scenario stuff that I'm afraid of.  Letting people into your camp into your situation and if you don't do what they want and what they say, they kill you.

What gets me is how NO ONE else had the same idea the people there were just cool with what Jeremiah wanted?  We could have made a murder mystery out of it for the next season.  "Who killed Jeremiah?"  But no, we know it was Nick in the bedroom with the revolver.

I'm pissed that I didn't catch the foreshadowing of the symbolism of the pig head in the beginning.  I should have caught that.  I love the symbolism in tv shows.

Can we talk about Walker for a second?
America has a habit of just wiping people out.  It's really an old tradition that humankind created but I feel like America perfected it.  We learned it from Britain and now here we are.  I sympathize with what it's like to be Native American so I'm really shocked to see a storyline like this.  And I'm sure there's white people who don't like this storyline and who are all, I have nothing to do with that.  I'm sure you don't.  But help fight the good fight don't just sit there and chill.  If you see someone doing something that's wrong tell them to knock it off.  It's a lot more complex than that but to just ignore it and hope that if you say it isn't a problem so it isn't a problem isn't okay.

Ugh when Walker saved Ophelia and she sees her dad.


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