8 Reasons I Don't Enjoy #Supernatural As Much As I Used To

Supernatural used to be my favorite show.  And then Dean went to Hell.  Thank you writer's strike.  A lot of story lines were thrown into flux and there was a convergence of things that happened over the years.  Kim Manners passed away.  And couple of seasons later Eric Kripke left to do Revolution and Timeless and I don't know, enjoy his money.  I'm not sure.

And there were so many things that I liked that when they started to do things like change the filter and brighten up the show and then by season seven Sera Gamble and Jeremy Carver left, writers and producers who, in my opinion knew what to test the viewers with and what not to.

And that sounds about right to me because season five, again this whole post is my opinion, was the last really good season and here we are going into season 13 that will probably start filming this month and there's so much that I wish they would stop.

1. The look and feel of the show.  It's not gritty and horror film like anymore, they tried to get back to it in these last couple of seasons but it's gotten really cartoonish.  And to prove my point there's going to be literally a scooby-doo esque episode.  Which ties into complaint number 4.

2.  Crowley.  I get that people like Crowley but was he supposed to be around for 8 seasons!  They had to make him a series regular.  I mean if we can kill Kevin Tran we should kill Crowley and Rowena it's over.  He finally did die in this last season but phew he was there for 8 seasons.  Way, way too long.  But he posted on Instagram that he's moving on.

3.  Castiel.  Everything he does is wrong.  Literally everything.  I'm so tired of watching these episodes and I'm just waiting for Castiel to do something stupid that he thinks is for the right reason.

4. Production.  I don't think anyone would expect this show to go into it's 13th season.  That means these young men aren't so young anymore.  So it's visibility noticeable to me that the action scenes have less action in them.  It's easy for me to say as the viewer, less talking and more fighting but can we be smarter about these talking scenes?  We literally waste so much time having Sam show Dean something that we already just saw to pad time.

5. Rowena.  Is she necessary?  Seriously I don't think she's necessary she's another fluff cartoony character.

6.  Demons.  Demons were rare and I know Sam opened the gates of hell which was just one of the gates and in season 8 Sam undergoes trials to try to close them and they don't.  Which leads me back to my Crowley complaint.  We spend so much time listening to Crowley, watching Crowley and Lucifer and it's just all so done.

7.  John Winchester.  I don't know if the writer's are sour that Jeffrey Dean Morgan wanted to be a ghost on Grey's Anatomy or what the deal was or was it Watchmen?  It's just so ridiculous of how John is just the worst dad in the universe.  Every time they talk about him since he died he is legit the worst dad ever.  His wife was killed by a demon.  No that doesn't take away their crappy childhood but John still loved them.  Then there was a reveal that John had another son.  A son that Sam and Dead got killed; arguably twice.

8.  Chuck.  And then we made Chuck God.  Which is more than borderline blasphemous.

I used to love this show, I loved the family dynamic.  I loved that it was a horror show with monsters, two brother's fighting monsters across America.

There are some things I do like about the show post season 5.

1.  Mary.  I really like that they brought Mary back.  I like that she's making moves and decisions that are sketchy but hey what's the point in bringing her back unless she's going to be sketchy.

2.  Men of Letters.  I absolutely love the bunker.  I love the whole story line that arrived in season 8.  And I like even more so that there's a British Men of Letters.  Does this mean that there's other countries that have chapters.  That's so exciting.

3.  I liked the 10th season bad guys because it was back to the monster story lines.  The Stynes haha.

4.  I also liked the Levithan's as bad guys but I feel like they were a little under utilized.

The future of Supernatural

Jared says he and Jensen want to make it to 300 episodes.  I know it doesn't sound like it but I'm all for it.  I was a fan of Jensen BEFORE Supernatural because I loved Dark Angel.  It's just frustrating that it's not the show it used to be, it has evolved for some good and some bad but oh well.

They want to give Jody a spin off.  This is the show's second attempt at this and it doesn't sound great.  For one, Supernatural doesn't have a great track record with women.  So many women bad guys, so many women that have died, so many damsels that need to be saved.  I remember 2005 when this show first aired, it was supposed to have been geared towards men and instead they got young women and housewife demographic which I will forever find funny but I digress.  And for two, we can't just go from Sam and Dean troubled, strong men with mom and dad issues that save the world every year to Jody Mills, sad widow who is raising troubled teens.

Albeit I'm sure they're going to do a lot of tweaks and some characterization changes like they did with Angel when he had a spin off and then had Spike brought over - changes need to happen when you do spin-offs.

In my opinion is a Men of Letters spin off.  Uncover another bunker of people who don't really know what they're doing and get new hunters in the mix.

I've never cared about Jody like that.

IMDB closed their discussion boards and I can't with Reddit so I really don't know what people's feelings are on the characters and story lines anymore.  One season I waited for the whole season to go on Netflix.  I got behind on a few seasons after I moved.

Maybe Wayward Sisters will be a hit and I'll love it but for now I'll enjoy what I can out of the show the way Jared is talking season 14 will be the last season.  Which is kinda sad but kind of a relief at the same time Jensen Ackles is going to be 40 next year, he doesn't look it but he is.  He was 27 when the show started.  I was in my second year of college when this show started.  And Jared was 21.  They've become husbands, fathers they've more than likely outgrown Sam and Dean.

Which is normal and expected.

I'm astonished by the mere fact that these two were able to keep steady jobs in this economy for over a decade.  I'm always hearing how hard it is to break into "showbiz" and these two have a lot of talent.  So at first they're probably going to take time off before picking up another show or going into movies.  Well, they have done movies, I mean more movies.


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