The Quest to Save Xanar by Lauren A. Johnson

Do you know why I named this blog, You Decide Your Own Level of Involvement?

Because it's one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies.  In Fight Club Tyler Durden tells Edward Norton that he decides his own level of involvement.

And I feel as though this is true for life.

There is very little that I can control in life, but I do know that I can control my actions.  And with the magic of the internet I am able to do things that I've wanted to do.  Like write science fiction!

Right now, my writing isn't enough to live off of which is why it's taken some time to get the novel out but the fact is, it's out.

The Quest to Save Xanar is a science fiction novel about a Deltorian Princess who discovers that she has warriors.

In this novel she learns why her warriors were gone for so long that they had become legends but mostly myths.

Princess Arianna doesn't have time to complete her history lesson as the warriors bear bad news. Some one has plans to kill the children of the royal families in the Planetary Alliance and to blame Earth.

Besides, ancient alien warriors, a target on her royal back and now her prince of Xanar has a target on his. With her warriors disagreeing on the best method on how to protect her, Arianna must find a way to protect herself, her planet, her love and the Earth.

I've been talking about this book and talking about this book.  For awhile I considered not releasing it, but then I decided to get involved, I thought, "Why not?  It's not offensive, well, it's not meant to be, and I think it's a good story."

After all it does tie in with, Paradise One, but that isn't until later.  

Princess Arianna of Deltor discovers that she has ancient alien defenders that were kept a secret from her and from generations before her.  They were banished until her life was threatened and they rushed to her aide in any way shape or form.

Their aforementioned banishment takes place in The Visions of Koto-Ryin.  

A mysterious monolith appears on Earth and shortly after children of alien royal families are being murdered.  

The warriors frantic to keep their princess safe cannot come to an agreement on how to do so, Dajus being taken over by an evil creature is conflicted with her trouble, Lovo and Trystan believe that they can keep the princess safe without much bloodshed but Mallobo, he believes in offensive measures.  

Mallobo is privy to a secret that he cannot reveal (learned in Assault of the Telda) he is willing do to anything to protect Arianna even if the Xanar is in his way.

Princess Arianna is faced with many obstacles, she's struggling to become an adult princess, to keep the entire Spiral Galaxy safe as well as her love Dante.  Mallobo only cares about protecting her and Deltor.  


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