Seriously Credit Card Companies? Seriously?!

My last post was in September so it just goes to show how busy I've been.  But I'm pretty annoyed or happy about a few things.  So I thought I'd share.

I recently got two credit cards, one for JC Penny and one for the Limited.  Because my Bloomingdales card is maxed out.  No...just kidding.  I've had this new job for almost a year; I've paid off some bills so I figure I am financially secure enough to get these cards.

Besides I work in a corporate office and people are starting to notice the holes in my sweaters.  Again, I'm kidding.

At any rate, both compaines require you to call to activate the card.  But it's all a russe to get you to call to agree to some bogus fee you don't need.

Pay Protection Insurance, Credit Card Protection Plan, like the devil it assumes many names.  And like they devil to sweeten the pot they throw in something that you are programmed to think you need.  A 40% gift card.  But with the money they'll be charging you for the PPI that 40% gift card will be a faint and distant memory.

The APR is already ridiculous at 24.99%.  And I know what a lot of you will say, if you don't like it, don't get a credit card. 

The credit card is not the issue the issue I have is how they try to make you take the PPI.  I called both JC Penny and The Limited to activate the card and after I say no to the PPI they try again.  And I'm irritated because the word no to me, doesn't mean keep going. 

My bill for Best Buy used to be astounding.  (I finally paid it off) But it was so high because of that protection stuff.  And the interest was high. 

So I've said all this to say, when you call to get your card activated be careful of the PPI.  They're already charging you interest, an APR and the clothes are higher than what they're actually worth so there you have it.


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